Hamburg Fire & Rescue Department


The Hamburg Fire & Rescue Department is a volunteer organization with 26 active members, and four rescue reserves. 

The department provides fire, rescue, EMS, hazardous materials, weather-related responses, and specialized response service to the City of Hamburg, and to the townships of Young America and Washington Lake, which covers 26 square miles, and a population of more than 1,150 people.

The department is equipped with the most current firefighting equipment, and continues to upgrade as technology continues to advance. 

In addition to the fire department, Hamburg hosts a first responder squad, which consists of several community members.

Recent training

During a training event, which consisted of a firefighter survivability drill, the Hamburg firefighters were exposed to a series of confined spaces that they needed to navigate through while wearing full turnout gear, and carrying a bulky self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) on their backs. The space consisted of 80 feet of confined passageways, including 14-inch stud walls, tight crawl spaces, crawl spaces with hanging cables, an 18-inch culvert, and a floor that drops.

Captain Steven Siewert was able to complete the drill in 43 seconds, and was also able to write his name on the training prop for the third fastest time out of some 5,000 firefighters who completed the drill in Minnesota. 

The Hamburg Fire & Rescue Department is housed at 181 Broadway Avenue, in Hamburg. The department may be reached by calling 952-467-3178, or by emailing:

The Hamburg Fire and Rescue Department fleet may often be seen in area parades.
Before the restraints of COVID-19, both firefighters and students enjoyed class trips to the fire station. Emanuel School students posed for a photo op during a visit.
Although this Hamburg unit sparkles and shines like it is new, it is actually more than a century old.