City of Norwood Young America


A new billboard welcomes visitors to Norwood Young America.

Welcome to Norwood Young America

Norwood Young America is a growing community, rooted in small town values, where you can raise your family, where businesses thrive, and you live each day to the fullest. It is a place where a high quality of life still exists, relationships are formed, and opportunities are found.

More than a place, it’s home.

Government directory

The City of Norwood Young America is a statutory city governed by a five-member council composed of the mayor and four council members.  The positions of the city council are voted on by the residents of the city.

The city council meets the second and fourth Monday of each month at city hall at 6 p.m. unless otherwise noted.

City hall is located at 310 Elm Street West, and is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. For more information, call city hall at 952-467-1800 or email

Mayor and city council:

Mayor Carol Lagergren – Term expires Dec. 31, 2020; 952-467-2376.

Council Member Dick Stolz – Four-year term expires Dec. 31, 2020; 952-467-2332.

Council Member Mike McPadden – Four-year term expires Dec. 31, 2020; 952-467-3994.

Council Member Craig Heher – Four-year term expires Dec. 31, 2022; 952-467-3702.

Council Member Charlie Storms – Four-year term expires Dec. 31, 2022; 952-467-2014.

City administration:

City Administrator Steve Helget – 952-467-1805;
fax 952-467 1818; email City Administrator.

City Clerk/Treasurer Angela Brambaugh –  952-467-1807; fax 952-467-1818; email City Clerk-Treasurer.

Public Services Director Tony Voigt –  952-467-1830; cell  320-761-5008

Fire Department Chief Steve Zumberge –  952-467-1806.

Law enforcement:

Policing in the City of Norwood Young America is provided by the Carver County Sheriff’s Department and also a town deputy.

Carver County Sheriff’s Deparment –  952-361-1231 (non-emergencies). For emergencies, call 911.

Helpful phone numbers:

Public Services Deptartment – 952-467-1830

Fire Department – 952-467-1806

Community Education – 952-467-7391

Sheriff Department – 952-361-1231

Chamber of Commerce – 952-200-8431

Gopher State One Call – 800-252-1166


Stiftungsfest, “A Founders Day Celebration” and Minnesota’s oldest celebration, takes place the last full weekend in August in Willkommen Park.

Stiftungsfest is a festival celebration of the founding of the town. In English, it would be called “Founder’s Festival.” 

Every summer, there are a number of towns in Minnesota originally settled by German-speaking people who celebrate festivals. The music festival in Norwood Young America, known as “Stiftungsfest,” is almost as old as the town itself. 

It was introduced to the community by the Men’s Chorus, an organization that played a very important part in the development of Norwood Young America. 

The Pioneer Maennnerchor was organized in 1861, the year of the first Stiftungsfest celebration.

Parks and recreation

Norwood Young America boasts a variety of parks and trails.


The City of Norwood Young America has plenty of sidewalk and trails available for walking, jogging, or biking. 

These sidewalks and trails are designed to ensure that citizens can travel throughout the community safely and effectively.


• Casper Park: Located in the center of Casper Circle. Amenities: playground.

• Friendship Park: Located at 316 Fourth Avenue SW. Amenities: softball fields, tennis courts, soccer field, two playground areas, picnic shelter, and ice rink.

• Kehrer Park: Located at 228 Wilson Street W. Amenities: playground, picnic area.

• Legion Park (Pool Park): West Carver Community Pool, located at 320 Reform Street South; 952-467-1888/ Amenities: picnic area, playground, pool, and  Legion shelter.

• Prairie Dawn Park: Located at 795 Barnes Lake Drive. Amenities: playground, open picnic shelter, and half basketball court.

• Skate: Located at the corner of Morse Street and Highway 212. A fenced in asphalt area with skateboard ramps.

• South Park: Located at 321 South Street W. Amenities: basketball court, hockey rink, open skating rink, and playground.

• Sports Complex: 417 Elm Street W. Amenities: baseball field, two softball fields, playground, Lions shelter, open picnic area, and restroom facilities.

• Willkommen Memorial Park: 21 Main Street E.  Amenities:baseball field, pavillion, gazebo, open picnic shelter, olde towne in the park, playground, and restroom facilities.

Willkommen Memorial Park has many amenities and olde towne buildings.
Artist Ray “Bubba” Sorensen II painted the Freedom Rock in Willkommen Memorial Park, that features Bruce Schrupp, Bob Smith, Ron Kroells, Ron Smith, and Earl Keusemann. 
The gazebo in Willkommen Memorial Park offers features benches and shade for visitors.