City of Mayer

City Information:

Mayor: Mike Dodge

Council members: Etienne “Tice” Stieve-McPadden,
     Erick Boder, Nikki McNeilly, and Elizabeth Butterfield.

City Administrator: Margaret McCallam

Deputy Clerk: Janell Gildemeister

Public Works: Kyle Kuntz

The city council meets the second and fourth Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. at the Mayer City Hall at 413 Bluejay Avenue. 

Contact Information:

City of Mayer

413 Bluejay Ave

Mayer, MN 55360-0102

Phone: 952-657-1502

Office Hours: 

8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (Monday through Friday)


Water Conservation Policy

Due to a high volume of water usage, the city council adopted a policy for high-volume users. Please contact the city office at (952) 657-1502 for amounts, or go online to 

The current charge for sewer is $20.65 base rate minimum, with a $7.85 per 1,000 gallons charge.

There is also a Minnesota Public Facilities Authority (MPFA) Replacement Fund charge of $.10 per 1,000 gallons of flow per month. 

Water charge is a base rate of $12.60; plus $5.57 per 1,000 gallons for 0 to 6,000 gallons; $6.45 per 1,000 for 6,001 to 15,000 gallons; $7.59 per 1,000 for 15,001 to 20,000 gallons; and $10.27 for 20,001 gallons or more.

Water service may be turned off whenever any charge for utilities by the present or former owner/occupant is unpaid. 

Watering lawns is allowed under the odd and even day policy during specific hours only.  Call the city office at 952-657-1502 for more information.

If you are moving or selling your property, contact the city and inform them of the new owner and the date you will be moving. This allows for a final meter reading to be taken.

Rubbish removal/recycling

Waste Management, 1-888-960-0008, provides wheeled containers for residents’ use. 

Garbage pickup is every Thursday. Single-sort yellow-topped recycling carts are picked up every other Thursday on your designated week. Containers should be curbside by 7 a.m. Pickup will occur Fridays during holiday weeks. Please call Waste Management if there are any questions.

Brush/compost site and recycling

The city provides a location for city and area residents to dispose of recycling, brush, and compost materials. Materials may be brought to the site east of the wastewater treatment facility on County Road 30, Saturdays from 8 a.m. to noon (year ‘round); and Wednesdays from 5 to 8 p.m. (spring through fall).

Only grass clippings, leaves, and soft garden waste will be accepted at the compost site. Brush, no larger than 4 inches in diameter, will be accepted at the brush site.

Recycling items accepted include automotive batteries, paper (junk mail, phone books, office paper, magazines, newspaper, corrugated cardboard, boxboard), food and beverage containers, steel and aluminum cans, foil and trays, glass bottles and jars, food and beverage plastics (numbers 1-7), scrap metal, used motor oil, oil filters, and antifreeze.

For more information, call Carver County Environmental Services at (952) 361-1800.

Building permits

Under the state building code, building permits are required for any improvements, such as new construction, remodeling, new residency, reroofing, sprinklers, residing, window replacement, furnace replacement, decks, basement refinishing, fireplace or wood stove installation, fences, and utility sheds.  

All applications, instructions, and questions can be directed to the city at 952-657-1502. A permit is required prior to beginning any work.

Snow removal

No person shall park or leave a motorized vehicle on any street within the city during or after a snowfall or period of blowing snow until that street has been cleared of snow. No overnight parking is allowed on State Highway 25 (Ash Avenue) from November to April.

Sump pumps

No sump pump shall be connected to the sanitary sewer.

Abandoned vehicles

No person shall park, store, leave, or permit the parking, storing, or leaving of any abandoned vehicle or any vehicle which is in a wrecked, junked, partially dismantled, or inoperative condition upon any property. This includes private property within the City of Mayer for a period in excess of 48 hours. All vehicles must have current license registration displayed.

Other regulations

The city has regulations regarding zoning, weeds, junk vehicles, litter, etc. For further information, call the city office.

Mayer Community Center

The Mayer Community Center is available to rent for events such as weddings and anniversaries. Call the city office for booking and more information.

City utilities


Xcel Energy: 800-481-4700

McLeod Coop Power Association: 800-494-6272

Xcel Energy covers the entire community with the exception of the Hidden Creek Development, beginning with the Third Addition. McLeod Coop Power Association covers this area.


CenterPoint Energy(Minnegasco): 800-245-2377

or (612) 372-4727


Citizens Communications (Frontier): 800-921-8101

Cable and internet

Nuvern 888-873-6853

Cable, internet, and phone

Jaguar Communications 507-214-1000

Mayer Fire Department

The fire department has been offering its services to the citizens of Mayer and the surrounding area for more than a century. Meeting the first and third Monday of every month, the fire department is always on hand to respond to emergency situations.

Current officers are Fire Chief Andy Maetzold, Chief 2 Rod Maetzold, Captain/Training Officers Adam Maetzold and Dennis Clark, and Captains Zach Stifter and Josh McIntosh.

The fire department hosts spring and fall fish frys, makes annual visits to the schools, and hosts events outlining fire prevention.

For more information, contact Andy Maetzold at 612-616-0468, or at work at 952-657-2291.

Mayer’s elected officials include: front – Mayor Mike Dodge; back – council members Elizabeth Butterfield,  Nikki McNeilly, Tice Stieve-McPadden, and Erick Boder.
Mayer’s office staff includes Deputy Clerk Janell Gildemeister and City Administrator Margaret McCallam.