Central Public Schools


District Profile

Superintendent: Tom Schochenmaier

ISD number: 108 

number of schools: three 

District office: 531 Morse St., Norwood Young America, MN 55368 

Phone number: 952-467-7000

Website: www.central.k12.mn.us.

Elementary School

Principal: Mike Daugs

Grades: k through five

Address: 655 Seventh St. SW, Norwood Young America, MN 55368 

Phone number: 952-467-7300

Middle School

Principal: Ron Erpenbach

Grades: six through eight

Address: 51 Morse St., Norwood Young America, MN 55368

Phone number: 952-467-7200.

High School

Principal: Tom Erickson

Grades: nine through 12

Address: 531 Morse St., Norwood Young America, MN 55368

Phone number: 952-467-7100

Community Education

Director: Julie Kuenzel

Grades: nine through 12

Address: 655 7th St. SW, Norwood Young America, MN 55368

In Central Elementary 

Phone number: 952-467-7391

Kids’ Company

Director: Phil Hendrycks     

Phone number: 952-467-7395

About Central Public Schools

Central Public Schools serves the communities of Cologne, Hamburg, and Norwood Young America.

Education is Central:

“Enter District 108 and you will discover an energized, enthusiastic and caring learning environment. 

This will be a place where lifelong learners are actively engaged in understanding, exploring and creating the world of knowledge.

We will expand beyond the doors of our buildings into the community and world around us and be connected through resources, relationships, technology and innovation. High standards and quality will be the norm and success will be a reality for all.

Listen to the voices of our community and you will hear a sense of pride, affirmation, encouragement and support. There will be a strong spirit of collaboration and togetherness.

District 108 will be a community that is alive with the excitement of learning. People will be united in the memory of a rich history, the pride of present celebrations, and the hopes and dreams of the future.”

Mission & Vision Statement

Central High School

“The mission of Central High School is to guide individuals towards acquiring the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will help them maximize their potential for leading productive lives. This is made evident through Central’s commitment to provide a well rounded education in a variety of academic fields, along with providing students with numerous extra-curricular opportunities. The Central High School staff are committed to establishing a safe and secure school environment that allows our students to flourish and grow intellectually, emotionally, and socially,” from High School Principal Tom Erickson.

Students may participate in band, choir, drama, FFA, First Robotics, Knowledge Bowl, National Honor Society, one act play, yearbook, student council, and speech. Students can participate in athletics by playing basketball, baseball, cheerleading, cross country, dance, football, gymnastics, soccer, softball, track and field, volleyball, wrestling, and trap shooting. 

Central Middle School

“Central Middle School believes in the uniqueness of each individual and is committed to fostering a healthy learning environment supportive of the social, intellectual, physical and emotional needs of the adolescent. Central Middle School has the following components: advisor/advisee groups, teaming, interdisciplinary teaching, flexible schedules and exploration. The staff is committed to developing all of these components in our middle school,” from Middle School Principal/Activities Director Ron Erpenbach.

Central Elementary School

“We are honored to have you and your child as a part of our school community. At Central Elementary School, you will find an extremely talented group of caring and dedicated employees who set high expectations for themselves and our students daily. I am very proud and honored to have been a part of this staff and community starting in July of 2013,” Central Elementary School Principal Mr. Michael Daugs said in his principal’s welcome.

The Raider Gazette includes a message from principal Mike Daugs, PTO news, advice for parents, and upcoming events and is available online for students.

Community Education

 Community Education will provide lifelong learning experiences for people of all ages, abilities and cultures through community-based programs and services. The programs and services are designed to foster learning, build community, and make an effective use of resources. Community Education believes that everyone has something to share and everyone has something to learn. They are always open to new ideas and meeting the needs and wants of the community.

They build community spirit and connection through lifelong learning opportunities such as:

• Enrichment classes and events for all ages

• Recreation and health and fitness for all ages

• Early Childhood Family Education and Kurious Kids Preschool

• Kids Co. Childcare and Preschool Extended Day care

• Youth Development opportunities

• Trips and Tours

• Early childhood screenings